About James Buffington

“I have always felt that being close to the ocean is where I am truly alive and where my soul is most at peace with the world. Knowing this, yet not being able to surf anymore, is where my career as a photographer began. I started shooting my closest friends in late 2007, and immediately discovered a passion for photographing surfing that filled a huge void in my life. My lifelong understanding of the ocean, and love for surfing has allowed me to capture different perspectives of the surfing lifestyle, and the art of riding waves in a way that I strive to be uniquely my own. I went back to school at Daytona State College to expand my skills, and have been shooting professionally now for the last 8 years. In that time I have also been incredibly fortunate to experience some of the very best times in my life photographing the most talented surfers in the state of Florida, and traveling to events up and down the East Coast. For the future, as a photographer I hope to explore as many different locations around the globe possible, and to stay active in positively supporting the youth in our area.

In closing, I would like to give thanks to my amazing family, the friends who have stood by me through it all, and to the many wonderful people that continue to inspire me daily to keep chasing my dreams….

James Buffington