Jamie Smith

About Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith is the owner and founder of The Piermonkey Surf Report as well as an avid surfer and computer programmer with over 20 years of experience. He is a Daytona Beach native who works with local businesses such as Maui Nix Surf Shop, Clever Surfboards, and Vast Oceans Surf and Sup School to design their websites and provide business consultations. Jamie works with a small team of professionals to provide top notch customer service and get to get your website done in a timely manner.

As far as Surfing goes, Jamie can often be found paddling out at his favorite break in New Smyrna Beach. He just recently got back from a short surf trip in Puerto Rico and is currently trying to plan a trip to Costa Rica.

About Piermonkey

Piermonkey is a surf forecasting and photography company. We provide forecasting tools for surfers, fisherman, and anyone who uses and loves the ocean.

James Buffington

About James Buffington

“I have always felt that being close to the ocean is where I am truly alive and where my soul is most at peace with the world. Knowing this, yet not being able to surf anymore, is where my career as a photographer began. I started shooting my closest friends in late 2007, and immediately discovered a passion for photographing surfing that filled a huge void in my life. My lifelong understanding of the ocean, and love for surfing has allowed me to capture different perspectives of the surfing lifestyle, and the art of riding waves in a way that I strive to be uniquely my own. I went back to school at Daytona State College to expand my skills, and have been shooting professionally now for the last 8 years. In that time I have also been incredibly fortunate to experience some of the very best times in my life photographing the most talented surfers in the state of Florida, and traveling to events up and down the East Coast. For the future, as a photographer I hope to explore as many different locations around the globe possible, and to stay active in positively supporting the youth in our area.

In closing, I would like to give thanks to my amazing family, the friends who have stood by me through it all, and to the many wonderful people that continue to inspire me daily to keep chasing my dreams….

James Buffington

Ryan Ragan

About Ryan Ragan

Starting out surfing at 11 in Daytona Beach, Ryan Ragan swept his first contest at age 14 and decided to make a career of it. He’s been competing and free surfing ever since, being featured in magazines and videos around the world. He now calls Daytona Beach, Florida his home. Now-a-days, Ryan spends much of his time spreading his knowledge and the love of his favorite sport. Ryan is the founder and owner of Vast Oceans Surf and SUP School. He teaches all types of age levels and skill levels.

From Ryan's Personal Website

“I’m feeling extremely excited and blessed to be coming to the end of my first season with my NEW surf and sup school and shop, Vast Oceans Surf And SUP school. I have been able to far surpass and exceed all of my own expectations & meet so many great new friends. I enjoy bringing smiles to a great deal of people who can now surf safely with confidence. I feel so fortunate to be able to share my love of surfing- the sport of KINGS- which has given me so much fulfillment and an incredible life.

After a long 7 months and my first season with my shop I am taking some me time to do what I do best – be a PROFESSIONAL SURFER & work with some of the worlds best surfing photographers and videographers. I leave for Bali in mid-September and will be there through October. I will be surfing in Indonesia – Bali/ Java/ Sumatra to score photos for my sponsor’s ad campaigns , website content and several surf publications / magazines- as well as to experience a great deal of personal growth MIND – BODY – SPIRIT and SOUL !

Upon returning home to Florida I will be teaching students from a very special and prestigious school – Pathways Center for Excellence out of Ormond Beach, Florida. This is a great honor to teach these incredible athletes from around the world. Then in November help several surf brands I consult for and work to make my HARD CORE SURF & SUP SHOP better and better. Then mid November / December work for a few select companies in Hawaii to open doors and land accounts and create positive visibility to the surfing world for them and myself in and out of the water during The Hawaiian Triple Crown of surfing. I have been going every year since the age of 11 each year learning more and getting better in the giant surf of The North Shore with all the world’s best trying to out do one another for photos, fame and to personally better their surfing ability in my case.”

If you want to learn how to surf then check out the Vast Oceans Surf and SUP School website and book a lesson! If you just want to know more about Ryan Ragan head over to his personal website.

Tommy Tant

The Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic

The Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic began fifteen years ago as a small event to celebrate the life of 24-year old surfer, Tommy Tant, who died unexpectedly in his sleep from an aortic aneurysm. With the help of Tommy’s former high school teachers, the Flagler Palm Coast High School marketing class organized the first contest. Proceeds were given away in scholarships to local students, beginning the Tommy Tant Memorial Scholarship Fund.

After the original event, Zoee Forehand, owner of Z-wave Surf Shop in Flagler Beach, and her staff directed the contest for the next three years.  In the fifth year, Tommy’s younger brother, Will, became the event organizer. Now a professional surfer, Will wanted to inspire and encourage the local youth to follow their dreams by introducing them to professional athletes and artists.

With the help of the surf community, the Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic is now a internationally recognized event. Over the past fifteen years, the Tommy Tant has grown into a two-day event with more than 300 contestants. This year the 13th Annual Tommy Tant presented by Nautica will include two days of amateur and professional competition and other events to be announced. All proceeds benefit the Tommy Tant Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Flagler County Food Bank, and the National Marfan Foundation.

If you want to learn more then head over to the official website of The Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic