Man taking photos for a surf report

Know what the waves look like before you paddle out

Don’t head down to the beach without knowing what the waves look like! Check Piermonkey for galleries and Surf Reports before you paddle out so you know if  your short board or your ten foot long board will be best for the waves that day

Practice your action photography skills

“The best way to get into photography or videography is to start locally. Start out in your own neck of the woods and figure out your camera gear first — maybe take photo classes or video classes so you know how everything works before you go straight into the ocean.”

– Jeff Flindt, Senior Photographer at Surfing Mag

Good Morning!

Wake up in the morning with fresh photos of waves from the Piermonkey community! We provide the tools and infrastructure for photographers from all over the world to share their photos. Featured galleries from our team will also be uploaded along with our Surf Reports.

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